About Us

Zaytoun London are a network of voluntary distributors based in London. Friends, neighbours and families have got together to promote fair-trade with Palestinian farmers living under occupation, restrictions and heavy taxes on their produce and therefore their livelihood.

Thanks to the efforts of Heather, Cathi and Manal and their community interest company Zaytoun.org who have been importing high quality olive oil and dates amongst other organic produce, we have been able to create a direct link of trade enabling humble Palestinian farmers and their families a sustainable income. This has come a long way from when they first went to visit Palestine in 2004, and brought back the golden fresh olive oil in empty soda bottles.

Our network has grown since its humble beginnings in 2009 thanks to the support of ordinary people like you who having discovered the taste of Palestine through Zaytoun, and demand that they continue to receive only the best.

For more information please visit zaytoun.org and palestinefairtrade.org